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    The excavated The excavated features included a very large burial mound dating from the late 6th century CE, cremations from — CE, and inhumations from the 10th to 13th centuries CE. Apart from purely archaeological methods, a number of assisting sciences and methods were utilised. When excavating skeletons we adopted a system of field anthropology.

    Apart from radiocarbon dating, a number were sampled for stable carbon and nitrogen isotopes. Osteology as well as macro fossil, wood anatomy and phosphate analyses were used. In addition a careful analysis of the different layers making up the mound and GIS-analysis were used to achieve a new and relevant understanding about burial customs and rituals, as well as social and religions conditions, both local regional, during a period of political and religious change.

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    The funeral pyre had contained a grown male, accompanied by several horses, dogs, birds of prey, pigs and sheep. Artefacts were extremely fragmented by cremation, but among grams of bronze we also found gilded objects with mounted garnets. Parts of a helmet, sword, shield as well as elaborate horse equipment were identified.

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    Among other objects were imported glass, ceramics and whale bone gaming pieces. The mound had been erected in three phases, using clay from marine deposits, presumably from the lake that existed south of the area at the time. This lake was an important communication route for access to the Baltic coast as well as the inland communities of Gamla Uppsala, Valsgärde and Vendel, via various river systems.

    Bjärnum dating gamla uppsala single the following centuries, the area around the mound was used as a burial ground.

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    Four cremation burials dating from — CE were excavated and gamla uppsala single to be severely damaged by modern landscaping. Burial customs influenced by Christianity included inhumations and began to appear in the 10th century.

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    They were of all ages and biological sexes. In the 12th century a further 12 individuals were buried within Burial ground These early inhumations display great variety in terms of burial customs, body posture and body orientation. Individuals were buried with or without coffins.

    Outdoor activities There is no shortage of places to swim in Uppsala. Here, you can take a dip swim and play all year round. Uppsala and its surroundings are teeming with little coves and lakes where you can swim, play and get some sun. Beaches and grassy spaces intertwine with large rocks and jetties that jut out into the water. Find your favourite swimming area The entire county is a summer paradise for both the young and the young-at-heart, with diving towers, floating docks and paddle boats for fun on the water.

    Very few artefacts were found in the graves. Isotope analysis indicated a substantial diet of fresh water fish.

    A very peculiar burial from the 12th or 13th century involved an individual who had been partially cremated gamla uppsala single a body sized pit, along with both animals and objects. The long period of use provides an opportunity to generate new and relevant knowledge about gamla uppsala single rituals and the Christian conversion progress, as well as testing currently held views on the conversion in the region.

    Med habanero aioli och kalamataoliver L,G 45kr Krossad potatis eller stora pommes Med aioli och bearnaisesås 55kr Kräftskagentoast Med citronsirap och örter L,G 79kr Sallad Med grillad kyckling, bacon, rostade brödkrutonger, parmesan, tomater och ceasardressing. G,L kr Husets Pasta Tortiglioni med baconlindad fläskfilé och gorgonzolasås. G,L kr Tortiglioni med kantarellsås och oxfilé smaksatt med dijonsenap. G,L Varmrätter Maestros oldschoolburgare med ost och pommes frites Hemlagad hamburgare tillagad på det klassiska viset med inspiration från USA.

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