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Biography This paragraph is not available in English, therefore the Swedish version is shown.

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Som lektor i kulturvård undervisade jag på de två kandidatprogrammen i kulturvård, ett med inriktning mot föremål och ett med inriktning mot byggnader. Den forskning jag nu bedriver avspeglar både min dating site brunskog kompetens, bakgrund och mina intressen - tillämpad materialvetenskap, dvs olika sätt att undersöka dating site brunskog förstå av vad och hur föremål och byggnader är tillverkade.

Efter att ha arbetat som konservator med möbler och föremål av trä under tjugo år, vid olika museer i Sverige och Danmark, fortsatte jag mina studier på doktorandnivå vid Göteborgs universitet. År disputerade jag på en doktorsavhandling som undersöker vilka bevarandeproblem som finns för lackerade arbeten, och i förlängningen för polykroma ytbehandlingar på trä.

Dating Sweden Tavelsjö - Dating site brunskog Gladhammar-västrum på dejt Let me tell you that without too much time romantisk dejt lima-transtrand put into this one, it is already fun as heck. Some flee their home countries online dating i färjestaden to escape from war and oppression! I appreciate vännäs speed dating you writing this post and the rest of the site is very good.

Genom att arbeta i mångdisciplinära team så uppnås stora fördelar vid studiet av östasiatiska lackföremål som av olika anledningar hamnat i svenska offentliga samlingar. Jag handleder dating site brunskog doktorandnivå i ett projekt som handlar om färg på metall utomhus, en vanlig materialkombination i bland annat industrihistoriska föremål och konstruktioner i kulturhistoriskt intressanta byggnader.

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Research This paragraph is not available in English, therefore the Swedish version is shown. Mina forskningsintressen: Asiatiska lacker i svenska offentliga samlingar, historiska tekniker, traditionella material, datering, proveniens, nedbrytning, bevarande, mening, kulturhistoriska värden. Publikationer: Brunskog, M. The article describes a white tempera-painted mitsuda box, in the custody of the Swedish Royal collection, which was misinterpretated for a long time.

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The investigation is part of a research project in which Uppsala University, Visby, online dating i skåre Meiji University, Tokyo, collaborate in a cross-disciplinary team. The article is published Open Access in Studies in Conservation, which means it can be read by anyone, anywhere.

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We would be delighted to have you as a reader and helping us to distribute it to anyone who may be interested. We would like to work with you to ensure it reaches as wide and as appropriate an audience as possible.

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As authors, we welcome any comments on its topic. This time, the topic it is not only related but about actual urushi ware. Up to date, the furniture has been misinterpreted and the stories become mythical.

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We proudly announce that a number of inconsistencies are clarified by this scientific study. Again, we would be delighted to have you as a reader and helping us to distribute it to anyone who may be interested. Show publication A Coffer of Renown: A multi-disciplinary approach to examing an early export urushi ware.

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Our third paper on Japanese urushi ware in Swedish public collections presents new data on an extraordinary artefact with a long history.

It can be linked with significant European events and historical persons, but most of all, it is a testimony of impressive craft skills and precious materials from distant countries. This four centuries-old coffer has two counterparts in Europe: dating site brunskog in a monastery in Spain and another in the Vatican Museum. Publications Please contact the directory administrator for the organization department or similar to correct possible errors in the information.