Röde Orm 1: Sjöfarare i västerled

Single i västerled


    Bengtsson These two books have been on my bookshelf for a very long time, maybe even 30 years!

    single i västerled

    I can't even remember when I bought them. They are considered a classic in Sweden and tells the story about the Vikings in the 10th century.

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    • Röde Orm 1: Sjöfarare i västerled by Frans G. Bengtsson
    •  Танкадо звонил мне в прошлом месяце, - сказал Стратмор, прервав размышления Сьюзан.
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    The books were written in and respectively and although written in a somewhat old fashion Swedish the books are surprisingly fresh.

    They are one of the most popular books in Sweden or at least it used to be. It tells the story about Röde Orm Red Serpent, red because his hair is red and his adventures in the West and in the East.

    Сьюзан упала на спину, юбка ее задралась. Верхняя пуговица блузки расстегнулась, и в синеватом свете экрана было видно, как тяжело вздымается ее грудь. Она в ужасе смотрела, как он придавливает ее к полу, стараясь разобрать выражение его глаз.

    The first book is about his first trip he is actually more or less kidnapped on board the ship westwards. The aim is to find riches along the Normandy coast.

    single i västerled

    Since it has already been plundered they venture further on and are finally captured by Al-Mansur in Andalusia. They work for him in his security forces and have to fight several wars before they manage to escape back home.

    1.  Вы продали кольцо.
    2. Рухнул не только его план пристроить «черный ход» к «Цифровой крепости».
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    Spending some time at the court Orm falls in love with one of the kings daughters, Ylva, and proposes. However, having no home, even if he has some riches, the king says he has to prove himself before he can earn his daughter.

    Это были ее первые слова за очень долгое время. Сьюзан подняла голову. Глаза ее были затуманены. - Танкадо успел отдать его за мгновение до смерти.

    Furthermore, he has to be christened before he can marry her. These are the times when the first missionaries came up north to try to christen the heathens.

    single i västerled

    Orm sets out again to fight the English and to get their riches. After various single i västerled he comes to the king's court in England where Ylva is staying with her sister.

    single i västerled

    Having won the fights the English king has to pay the Vikings and Orm marries Ylva, heads back to south of Sweden Denmark in those days to settle down.

    The second book tells about the single i västerled of his home, his christening, his single i västerled with the priest Willibert who comes from the king's court to stay with him and try to christen as many as he can.

    He even builds a church on Orm's premises.

    Shelves: på-svenska-lättläst Jag tyckte om Orms äventyr trots att de är mycket blodiga.

    Other friends from his Spanish days turns up, the neighbouring clans tries to live in peace and all is well.

    Then his long lost brother Are returns from his adventures in Miklagård Constantinopel, present day Istanbul. He is blind, without tongue and one hand but manages nevertheless with the help of 'runor' the Viking letters to tell his story and how he managed to get his hands before he lost one on a golden treasure which he buried in the Dnepr river.

    This is too good a temptation for the Vikings so Orm buys a ship, gathers a crew and sets of to capture the gold. Along the way they run into various fights, foreign tribes, meeting old friends and finally manage to get the gold and return home.

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    It is in its own way a fascinating book, telling in an understandable way the life of the Vikings and the times. You see how they were living, their homes, the violent times, the problem between the heathens and the christians etc. It is told in a charming way and the books were a much easier read morgongåva dejta I expected.

    single i västerled

    Then of single i västerled they live in the area in the south of Sweden single i västerled I grow up and some of the names are västanfors- västervåla dejtingsajt the same.

    Makes it a little bit extra interesting.

    single i västerled

    More on my book blog thecontentreader.